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Publishing on Amazon is Essential

For authors and booksellers, Amazon offers print-on-demand through a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account, an Author Central page, and a Seller Central account. Seller Central is your own store front account where you can sell & ship your books directly. A KDP account allows you to use Amazon's print-on-demand services. This is the most cost-effective option you will find.

Kindle Direct Publishing

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Otherwise known as Amazon's KDP. Amazon has combined their print and eBook publishing into one portal. Setting up a KDP account to upload your print and digital copy is the fastest, easiest way to get published on Amazon. Setting up an Amazon KDP account is included in all of our bundles.

To learn more about Kindle Direct Publishing click here. External link to Amazon's KDP

Please note: eBook production is another process in and of itself, which requires expertise to produce your eBook. We highly recommend developing your eBook in the ePub format, prior to uploading it to your KDP account. This allows for particular formating, such as index linking, table of contents, custom pagination, and other digital features.

Author Central

Amazon's Author Page

The Amazon Author Central page gives you a section for your biography, other books you may have, a video clip, and the ability to link to your website. Readers who like your writing, will read all about you here; it's helpful to provide relevant and interesting details.

To learn more about the Author Central click here. External link to Amazon's Author Central page

Seller Central

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If you plan to print books yourself or through a 3rd party printing service, you may want to sell through an Amazon Seller Central account. With a Seller Central account, you have the option of shipping directly to your customers, or if your resell volume is high-enough, you have the option of storing books at an Amazon location, and Amazon will direct ship for you. This is an expensive option and only makes sense if your book is selling well.

Amazon Seller Central accounts are complicated to setup, have restrictions, and are generally for legitimate business entities: with a professional email address; a business bank account; & extensive proof of identification. This limits who may qualify for a Seller Central account. Therefore we no longer setup Seller Central accounts for self-published authors. However, there are exceptions; we can provide details regarding this, or review & consider your business model, if you decide to retain our services.

To learn more about Seller Central click here. External link to Amazon's Seller Central page